veronica slater

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Photo © Bernard G Mills

Premonitions is a series of paintings that open up spaces for the viewer to inhabit and 'dream'.

Each image is worked differently but all have resulted from paint being poured and marbleised on the surface. Everything is left to chance and the glazing that follows, is worked in relation to the flow of shapes that are created. The final layer is a maelstrom of mark making that occupies the foreground. The ordered detail of the marks, contrast with the chaotic and unpredictable process of dripping paint.

It perhaps parallels the physical energy of our thoughts as they transgress the brain. We have ordered, logical systems, which are contrasted with dreams and premonitions, that we struggle to make sense of. However we know that this part of the brain, which ‘dreams’, gives us a profound sense of ourselves and is often equated with a spiritual ancestry.

Premonitions 1 to 22 seeks to trigger that layer of our mind and explore an inner world that ultimately is beyond logical comprehension.

See the artist at work on Premonitions in the film Brighton: Symphony of a City (2016)

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Premonitions 1 to 22
Oil and mixed media on MDF board
51cm wide x 15cm height x 1cm depth