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'Hidden in Plain Site' Talk and Q&A
Talk Q&A event hosted by art critic and writer Dr Cherry Smyth and featuring the curators and artists of the exhibition Hidden in Plain Site.

CARAVAN Home Movie
By Veronica Slater, 2023
Fairydust soundtrack by Joshua Sitron adapted from Swan Lake - Tchaikovsky

INCH KENNETH: Home Movie - Refuge and Privilege
A film installation by Veronica Slater, 2012
'Home' Movie Productions

The film SPENT documents the build up to the show and its opening.
It is a collaborative project by Fiona Foster and Veronica Slater.

Veronica Slater, Artist in Residence, Stewart Hall Gallery
Pointe Claire, Montreal, Canada, 2013
A film by Marc Schultz

Sarah-Joy Ford and Veronica Slater: Reflecting on Queer Feminisms and Modernism
Part of the events programme for the exhibition "A Tall Order! Rochdale Art Gallery in the 1980s", 22 Apr 2023
Your Trust Rochdale